Choosing The Right Wedding Music

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Choosing music is important if you want your wedding to be "you".

Choosing wedding music can be an overwhelming task. The good news is, with an expert entertainer or DJ you should have help. Suggestions for good dance songs are on many websites in the form of songlists. There are several songs, however you want to make sure you choose yourself because of the nature of their importance.

  • FIRST DANCE-  You can find many examples of great songs in this category. Take the time to listen to each one, then if you like it, buy it and put it on your player and ruminate on it. Download lyrics for it. Does it say who “you” are? If the lyrics and melody are likeable you should give it two more tests. Next, play it aloud and “test” it’s danceablilty. Is it long or short? ( Too long and you may be wishing it was only 3 minutes!) Is it easy to move to? Lastly after listening to it for a few weeks along with your other favorites, suddenly put away all the first dance choices. You’ll usually hear one more than the others.
  • FATHER-DAUGHTER- This one should be something from yesteryear. It is sweet if there is a “special” song between you and your father, something he used to sing to you during your childhood. or maybe it was his favorite and you remember hearing it a lot when you were a little girl. If none of those things apply, go dirctly to the era from when you were little and find something appealing from his generation that is slow. You can also try something from one of his favorite bands, for example; The Beatles, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, etc.
  • BRIDAL PARTY DANCE- This song can be just about any kind of style from Ozzy to Sinatra. Just make sure you realize it is an important song to play for two reasons. First, the bridal party will be photographed to this one, and second, This can act as an introduction to the dancefloor for the rest of your guests if you open the floor halfway through. Sometimes this will be the perfect way to get your party going. Make sure if you choose a fast song that everyone in the bridal party is comfortable with that. Not everyone can dance fast tempo songs comfortably. If your friends are all good with a fast song make sure it’s a floor packer and not a floor killer. It can really get things going if it’s a floor packer!
  • INTRODUCTIONS- This song should be all about you. If possible get a karaoke version so it doesn’t have too much singing to compete with your emcee talking over it. In a perfect scenario we like to have Unique Individual Introductions which involve each person in your bridal party coming in the room to their own theme, as a little comment about “who they are” is made. This can be something like their hobbies, or sports team, or even a real quick funny story. At the end of it all the bride & groom come in and it’s a huge thig. Your gusts suddenly feel connected to you because they know a little more about who is standing up. Your family didn’t know as much about your friends and your friends didn’t know as much about your family. Now your guests are all engaged and connected. A good DJ can do this kind of customization if you have a song choosing meeting  enough time beforehand. It can be quite special.
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How To Handle Wedding Day Mishaps

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Things can tend to go wrong any number of ways - but how should a bride handle it?

It’s your wedding day. A day you’ve planned for. You’ve had meeting after meeting choosing flowers, table linens, music, and even thought you had this down. Then it happened something went WRONG.

What should a bride do?

1. Try not to sweat the small stuff. If it’s a matter of something is running late, you should just focus on your guests and enjoy chatting and visiting with the people you love that you don’t see too often. Can your DJ fill the time with something interesting? We tell the bride & groom’s LOVE STORY. In a situation where something is running late we could switch things around to make up time while everyone is waiting. Of course if you are the one making everyone wait it is not a good idea. A selfish photographer once took the bride & groom away for photos before their  first dance and the entire banquet had to wait. As their DJs, we finally located them and begged the photographer to take a break and let us do the first dance and rest of the special dances. They conceded and we finally got our chance even though it was almost an hour late! Make sure all your hired vendors cooperate with each other by saying something beforehand so they know you don’t want to have to pose for pictures for longer than the cocktail hour. If you don’t get to have any fun your reception is more likely to be something upsetting. We always give the vendors a copy of the agenda we make beforehand. No matter what, something is likely to go differently than planned. If you expect it, but plan to have a good attitude and let it go, it will be a breeze. Just say to yoursel: “If this is the worst thing that happens to me, I’m going to have a great wedding!”

2. Make sure your vendors communicate. A DJ who ignores the photographer is a dud. What good is throwing the bouquet if the photographer is in the other room takin portraits of your guests. At a wedding in Chicago we met a photographer who was thrilled that we called him for each special moment! We were surprised! It never ocurred to us that a Wedding DJ would ignore the photographer and not realize that it is an important part of their job to coordinate other vendors for each special moment. We have found ourselves coordinating with the kitchen for dinners not ready, and guests not arriving so dinners need to be held, you name it. A good DJ can handle things for the bride.

3. Talk to your groom and bridal party about how you feel about pranks and funny stuff. Cake in the face is horrible (to most brides) after the money spent on the dress and make-up and hair. Does your groom “know” what you’re putting into it? Letting him know beforehand is the start of good communication. Tell him you heard about how a “friend” had cake smashed in her face and it ruined her wedding. Tell him how you’d feel if it happened on your wedding day. Dropping conversations that are like a hint but more obvious will make sure that you don’t have to take too many chances. Tell your bridal party you are hoping most of them will not get so wasted that they can’t behave properly. Let them know how important respect on the microphone is. With your parents and granparents all present the last thing you would appreciate is swearing ! Have the best man and any other speech makers write out their speech so they don’t slip up in case they have a few too many. The worst moment I witnessed at a wedding was a drunk best man laughing and saying he was so @*#! wasted! -This before he gave a toast. The room was speechless. The bride and groom usually know who they are having stand up pretty well. If they are likely to drink too much, take no chances and tell them to hold off a little until after the toast! Tell them you mean business! The good news is , this bride was able to somehow laugh it off and enjoy the rest of her reception by focusing on the other good moments that were very special. It’s all in the FOCUS.

Most of All remember: IF Anything Can Go Wrong It Probably Will. What you focus on is EVERYTHING!


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What To Know When Planning Your Wedding

Chicago DJ Music

What do you plan to have at your wedding? There are a few things you need to make a decision on.

Planning a wedding is important, no doubt. With a little thought you can do it without a planner if you have enough time and don’t have the extra $.

1. You can save money any number of ways. You can design you own unique dress and have it made for you by a relative or friend or friend’s mom. If you pick a pattern and fabric it cn be a one-of-a -kind original. I had a comfortable stretch fabric sheath underneath a sheer lace dress with a princess waist. All trimmed in small gold flowers. It was totally ME! If you know someone who can help you put a “look” together, by all means, you should.

2. You will have to choose a hall. In our case we had to find a church first. After we found a church available on our date we booked one of our our favorite Banquet halls, Royalty West in Willow Springs, Il. We chose Royalty West because of it’s ambience. It is a smaller, family owned establishment with the best Polish cooking that includes many items made with real butter. It’s alittle like home cooking but better than the standard wedding fare of some rooms.

3. Wedding entertainment is probably more important than anything else you have to choose. Going by price is the first big mistake a bride can make because an amatuer DJ can completely ruin a wedding. A kid who uses his computer for example, might not have two back up computers. He should have a second laptop with him and all songs on another backup hard drive. A good DJ can also simply have CDs. Both kinds should have back up equipment – we try to have a double system so that the back up system is in place and being used. If anything goes down , the other system is already there. You won’t even know anything went down. No one has to bring anything in. Mostly you have the extra sound to balance the room. It does not have to be louder if instead, the extra power is balanced, auntie can still “hear herself talk”. After training at JB sound, my partner, Nelson tells me four speakers fill a room better than two louder ones. It’s a matter of spreading out the angle of the sound positioning. Picking an entertainer who knows a few things about sound can save you.

Your entertainer should be experienced in coordinating everything but the kitchen sink. He or she can help you get better photos, video and can make the banquet hall run smoothly because they all have a copy of your agenda.

Mostly , talk to the experts and find out what they require you to choose and start checking things off your list.


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