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What’s hot for 2011 weddings? We asked Jaclyn Fisher, wedding consultant and co-owner of Two Little Birds Planning, for her expert advice on the hottest wedding trends of the year


One of the top wedding trends for the upcoming year is vintage and  retro-inspired with a modern twist. What’s old is new. We’ll see:

  • vintage wedding dresses with cap sleeves
  • beautiful textures
  • ornate details
  • natural settings, including outdoor and backyard weddings
  • photo booths (actual and set areas with draped-cloth backdrops)
  • vintage photography

2. Eco-friendly weddings

In 2011, we’ll continue to see more green, environmentally friendly  weddings. Think second-hand and vintage wedding dresses, LED lighting,  recycled paper invitations and programs, and food from local farms and  providers. Charity donations will continue to be a popular option  instead of traditional wedding favors, and more couples will be asking  for donations to their favorite charity instead of wedding gifts.

3. Modern choices

The contemporary, modern wedding will still be big in 2011. Brides  are opting for non-traditional dress choices, such as: beautiful hues  instead of the usual white or ivory; old shoulder instead of strapless;  and short cocktail dresses (the little white dress) instead of a long  gown. This trend will continue through décor, as well, with couples  steering away from the customary 10-person round table and opting to mix  table shapes and sizes. They are also incorporating bright and bold  colors, cool lounge settings, and after parties; choosing cupcakes  instead of a wedding cake; and letting color tie together the  bridesmaids as they choose different styles of dresses.

4.DIY weddings

“Do it yourself” is another wedding trend we’ll continue to see next  year. Originally brought on by the economy, this trend is here to stay  because it not only saves money, but also adds a special something to  the big day. Personalized touches and little details are very important;  couples are incorporating their favorite interests, hobbies, places and  even sports. This is something we have been saying in our free report now for awhile!

5. Social media influence
We’ll also continue to see social media play a part in the wedding  planning process. Couples will keep guests informed through wedding  websites and post updates about their excitement and plans on Facebook and Twitter. Posts such as “We booked the band today!” allow friends and  family to feel like they are part of the planning.
We hope to see some of these at the upcoming weddings we do where we help make the wedding “totally You”.

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How To Handle Wedding Day Mishaps

Chicago Wedding DJs

Things can tend to go wrong any number of ways - but how should a bride handle it?

It’s your wedding day. A day you’ve planned for. You’ve had meeting after meeting choosing flowers, table linens, music, and even thought you had this down. Then it happened something went WRONG.

What should a bride do?

1. Try not to sweat the small stuff. If it’s a matter of something is running late, you should just focus on your guests and enjoy chatting and visiting with the people you love that you don’t see too often. Can your DJ fill the time with something interesting? We tell the bride & groom’s LOVE STORY. In a situation where something is running late we could switch things around to make up time while everyone is waiting. Of course if you are the one making everyone wait it is not a good idea. A selfish photographer once took the bride & groom away for photos before their  first dance and the entire banquet had to wait. As their DJs, we finally located them and begged the photographer to take a break and let us do the first dance and rest of the special dances. They conceded and we finally got our chance even though it was almost an hour late! Make sure all your hired vendors cooperate with each other by saying something beforehand so they know you don’t want to have to pose for pictures for longer than the cocktail hour. If you don’t get to have any fun your reception is more likely to be something upsetting. We always give the vendors a copy of the agenda we make beforehand. No matter what, something is likely to go differently than planned. If you expect it, but plan to have a good attitude and let it go, it will be a breeze. Just say to yoursel: “If this is the worst thing that happens to me, I’m going to have a great wedding!”

2. Make sure your vendors communicate. A DJ who ignores the photographer is a dud. What good is throwing the bouquet if the photographer is in the other room takin portraits of your guests. At a wedding in Chicago we met a photographer who was thrilled that we called him for each special moment! We were surprised! It never ocurred to us that a Wedding DJ would ignore the photographer and not realize that it is an important part of their job to coordinate other vendors for each special moment. We have found ourselves coordinating with the kitchen for dinners not ready, and guests not arriving so dinners need to be held, you name it. A good DJ can handle things for the bride.

3. Talk to your groom and bridal party about how you feel about pranks and funny stuff. Cake in the face is horrible (to most brides) after the money spent on the dress and make-up and hair. Does your groom “know” what you’re putting into it? Letting him know beforehand is the start of good communication. Tell him you heard about how a “friend” had cake smashed in her face and it ruined her wedding. Tell him how you’d feel if it happened on your wedding day. Dropping conversations that are like a hint but more obvious will make sure that you don’t have to take too many chances. Tell your bridal party you are hoping most of them will not get so wasted that they can’t behave properly. Let them know how important respect on the microphone is. With your parents and granparents all present the last thing you would appreciate is swearing ! Have the best man and any other speech makers write out their speech so they don’t slip up in case they have a few too many. The worst moment I witnessed at a wedding was a drunk best man laughing and saying he was so @*#! wasted! -This before he gave a toast. The room was speechless. The bride and groom usually know who they are having stand up pretty well. If they are likely to drink too much, take no chances and tell them to hold off a little until after the toast! Tell them you mean business! The good news is , this bride was able to somehow laugh it off and enjoy the rest of her reception by focusing on the other good moments that were very special. It’s all in the FOCUS.

Most of All remember: IF Anything Can Go Wrong It Probably Will. What you focus on is EVERYTHING!


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Best Chicago Area Banquet Facilities

Chicago Area wedding locations - Joliet

The Jacob Henry Mansion is beautiful - the living room is a dance floor.

Over the years, the banquet industry has really changed. As wedding DJs we thought you might like to hear about some of the best places we’ve worked in. Here is the criteria we used to make this list.

1. Staff was friendly and easy to work with.

2. Overall beauty and elegance

3. Food quality and menu choices

4. Uniqueness and charm

Jacob Henry Mansion Joliet, Il . A beautiful place for a weddingbecause it is a step back to victorian times, the Jacob Henry Mansion is a historical place that is magical becuase of it’s old-world charm.


Chicago wedding locations
The atrium Room is one of the most beautiful of all the area.

William Tell Banquets, Atrium Room or Terrace Room,  Countryside, Il -To book the Atrium room is difficult because it is booked ahead so many Saturdays, but if you can find an open date, book your church second after this gem! With a romantic balcony over a lower level of seating it is unusually different than any other banquet facility. If the atrium is booked, the smaller Terrace Room is just as gorgeous! We have been lucky enough to DJ for many weddings here and hope to be back again and again! The food here is outstanding. The best thing is this is part of a beautiful hotel with the best Sunday  Champagne Brunch for the morning after your wedding complete with  beautifully played grand piano  music. For your rehearsal dinner there is a Friday buffet with Prime Rib that is mouth watering. It even has a beautiful Gazebo for you to have your wedding ceremony right there! The William Tell Banquet Facility has it all because it is a part of the Countyside Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center. It includes a huge swimming pool and all the amenities you would expect at a fine hotel.




Chicago Wedding Receptions
A Midieval Castle in the West suburbs (slightly south)

Royalty West Banquets, Willow Springs, Il Step into a magic land with a castle straight out of a fairie tale. This facility has home-made Polish Cooking to die for. All made with real butter, it tastes so good it’s hard not to gorge yourself! The romantic grounds are the most beautiful of anywhere and the best part is that they are reasonably priced. Try to get the Castle Room which is by far the most ambience. It is so beautiful, this wedding DJ picked it for her very own wedding! The food was so good and still is, that every time I work there that it is hard not to overeat! This is a personal experience, run by a family NOT a big corporation. The experience is unlike any other. I often recommend it to my clients because of the friendliness of the family running it, the ambience and the food – a triple delight!


South Chicago Area Wedding Reception Locations
A Newer facility, the most ambience for the area.

DiNolfo’s Banquets Homer Glen, Il  This is a newre facility and is filled with beauty.

Because this is a family run venue , you can trust that everything is personal and your event will be extremely wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lavishness of this place from the moment you drive up to the beautiful spaciousness of the rooms. It is well worth a look if you are in the south suburbs. There is even a small room upstairs laid out like a chapel for ceremonies. And DiNolfo’s still has the VERY BEST Roast Beef on their banquet menu of anywhere! Take it from a DJ who has been around!


The stonegate is a wonderful north suburb location for elegance and beauty.

Big and beautiful, with the ability for outdoor cocktails


The Stonegate, Hoffman Estates, Il The Stonegate is one of the most awesome, modern, elegant venues I have had the pleasure to work in. It has a beautiful outdoor terrace next to the foyer bar area, where the guests enjoyed cocktails and I was singing jazz. We were able to put the speaker outside so everyone could hear even though I was indoors singing. After cocktails we went into a grand ballroom and had one of the greatest meals I’ve ever enjoyed. I highly recommend this wonderful romantic spot if you’re in the north suburbs. Beaty in a modern setting with all the amenities for a perfect evening!





For more information contact Dalis Santiago of Funnsongs Productions

Dalis Santiago

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