Having The Perfect Wedding

Most People know that a wedding should be fun. But how can you be sure it will be? Having great food isn’t enough. A beautiful venue may be wonderful but what if your entertainer is a dud?

Over the past few years I have heard a lot of complaints from people with the same issue: The Wedding DJ was bad. “They didn’t have any of my songs.” “ They didn’t play enough fun dance songs from my era.” “ They didn’t have my most important dance.” … I could go on and on. There are a few ways to make sure you get results from your entertainment.

First make sure they are ORGANIZED. Do they have a system to remember your song choices? Are there forms your DJ use to help you, the bride, get together all the songs you should? If they are not writing things down you may want to pass on hiring them.

Second, do they have an idea of WHEN each thing is supposed to happen? I’m not talking about a time for each and every song, but a TIMELINE to go by so they know that guests arrive at 6:30 for cocktails and they will be playing “Smooth Jazz till 7:30, etc. If your DJ or Entertainment company has an agenda you can relax a lot easier because you will have everything written down and there is little or no chance they will not have what is on the agenda sheet.

Third, what kind of time are they spending with you on the planning? Are they available to go over your request list by phone? Can they meet and help you choose songs to play? I know a lot of brides don’t know half of the music I do. If I can help by making suggestions of songs to listen to it can mean the difference between a nice first dance song and “the most beautiful, romantic and memorable  first dance.

Fouth, are they helping you go to the songlists? Do they have song suggestions on their website. All these things mean they have been spending time on their craft and are an expert.

Lastly, I hope your entertainer has a few suggestions outside of the music area. They may be able to tell you about a beautiful wedding they experienced and give you the benefit of their knowledge so that you can gain from their experience. If they are not experienced I would stay away. For a wedding DJ or Entertainer you should have someone with over 10 years at their craft. Everybody knows experience will make the best expert.

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Choosing The Right Wedding Music

chicago wedding music

Choosing music is important if you want your wedding to be "you".

Choosing wedding music can be an overwhelming task. The good news is, with an expert entertainer or DJ you should have help. Suggestions for good dance songs are on many websites in the form of songlists. There are several songs, however you want to make sure you choose yourself because of the nature of their importance.

  • FIRST DANCE-  You can find many examples of great songs in this category. Take the time to listen to each one, then if you like it, buy it and put it on your player and ruminate on it. Download lyrics for it. Does it say who “you” are? If the lyrics and melody are likeable you should give it two more tests. Next, play it aloud and “test” it’s danceablilty. Is it long or short? ( Too long and you may be wishing it was only 3 minutes!) Is it easy to move to? Lastly after listening to it for a few weeks along with your other favorites, suddenly put away all the first dance choices. You’ll usually hear one more than the others.
  • FATHER-DAUGHTER- This one should be something from yesteryear. It is sweet if there is a “special” song between you and your father, something he used to sing to you during your childhood. or maybe it was his favorite and you remember hearing it a lot when you were a little girl. If none of those things apply, go dirctly to the era from when you were little and find something appealing from his generation that is slow. You can also try something from one of his favorite bands, for example; The Beatles, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, etc.
  • BRIDAL PARTY DANCE- This song can be just about any kind of style from Ozzy to Sinatra. Just make sure you realize it is an important song to play for two reasons. First, the bridal party will be photographed to this one, and second, This can act as an introduction to the dancefloor for the rest of your guests if you open the floor halfway through. Sometimes this will be the perfect way to get your party going. Make sure if you choose a fast song that everyone in the bridal party is comfortable with that. Not everyone can dance fast tempo songs comfortably. If your friends are all good with a fast song make sure it’s a floor packer and not a floor killer. It can really get things going if it’s a floor packer!
  • INTRODUCTIONS- This song should be all about you. If possible get a karaoke version so it doesn’t have too much singing to compete with your emcee talking over it. In a perfect scenario we like to have Unique Individual Introductions which involve each person in your bridal party coming in the room to their own theme, as a little comment about “who they are” is made. This can be something like their hobbies, or sports team, or even a real quick funny story. At the end of it all the bride & groom come in and it’s a huge thig. Your gusts suddenly feel connected to you because they know a little more about who is standing up. Your family didn’t know as much about your friends and your friends didn’t know as much about your family. Now your guests are all engaged and connected. A good DJ can do this kind of customization if you have a song choosing meeting  enough time beforehand. It can be quite special.
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What To Know When Planning Your Wedding

Chicago DJ Music

What do you plan to have at your wedding? There are a few things you need to make a decision on.

Planning a wedding is important, no doubt. With a little thought you can do it without a planner if you have enough time and don’t have the extra $.

1. You can save money any number of ways. You can design you own unique dress and have it made for you by a relative or friend or friend’s mom. If you pick a pattern and fabric it cn be a one-of-a -kind original. I had a comfortable stretch fabric sheath underneath a sheer lace dress with a princess waist. All trimmed in small gold flowers. It was totally ME! If you know someone who can help you put a “look” together, by all means, you should.

2. You will have to choose a hall. In our case we had to find a church first. After we found a church available on our date we booked one of our our favorite Banquet halls, Royalty West in Willow Springs, Il. We chose Royalty West because of it’s ambience. It is a smaller, family owned establishment with the best Polish cooking that includes many items made with real butter. It’s alittle like home cooking but better than the standard wedding fare of some rooms.

3. Wedding entertainment is probably more important than anything else you have to choose. Going by price is the first big mistake a bride can make because an amatuer DJ can completely ruin a wedding. A kid who uses his computer for example, might not have two back up computers. He should have a second laptop with him and all songs on another backup hard drive. A good DJ can also simply have CDs. Both kinds should have back up equipment – we try to have a double system so that the back up system is in place and being used. If anything goes down , the other system is already there. You won’t even know anything went down. No one has to bring anything in. Mostly you have the extra sound to balance the room. It does not have to be louder if instead, the extra power is balanced, auntie can still “hear herself talk”. After training at JB sound, my partner, Nelson tells me four speakers fill a room better than two louder ones. It’s a matter of spreading out the angle of the sound positioning. Picking an entertainer who knows a few things about sound can save you.

Your entertainer should be experienced in coordinating everything but the kitchen sink. He or she can help you get better photos, video and can make the banquet hall run smoothly because they all have a copy of your agenda.

Mostly , talk to the experts and find out what they require you to choose and start checking things off your list.


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Best Chicago Area Banquet Facilities

Chicago Area wedding locations - Joliet

The Jacob Henry Mansion is beautiful - the living room is a dance floor.

Over the years, the banquet industry has really changed. As wedding DJs we thought you might like to hear about some of the best places we’ve worked in. Here is the criteria we used to make this list.

1. Staff was friendly and easy to work with.

2. Overall beauty and elegance

3. Food quality and menu choices

4. Uniqueness and charm

Jacob Henry Mansion Joliet, Il . A beautiful place for a weddingbecause it is a step back to victorian times, the Jacob Henry Mansion is a historical place that is magical becuase of it’s old-world charm.


Chicago wedding locations
The atrium Room is one of the most beautiful of all the area.

William Tell Banquets, Atrium Room or Terrace Room,  Countryside, Il -To book the Atrium room is difficult because it is booked ahead so many Saturdays, but if you can find an open date, book your church second after this gem! With a romantic balcony over a lower level of seating it is unusually different than any other banquet facility. If the atrium is booked, the smaller Terrace Room is just as gorgeous! We have been lucky enough to DJ for many weddings here and hope to be back again and again! The food here is outstanding. The best thing is this is part of a beautiful hotel with the best Sunday  Champagne Brunch for the morning after your wedding complete with  beautifully played grand piano  music. For your rehearsal dinner there is a Friday buffet with Prime Rib that is mouth watering. It even has a beautiful Gazebo for you to have your wedding ceremony right there! The William Tell Banquet Facility has it all because it is a part of the Countyside Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center. It includes a huge swimming pool and all the amenities you would expect at a fine hotel.




Chicago Wedding Receptions
A Midieval Castle in the West suburbs (slightly south)

Royalty West Banquets, Willow Springs, Il Step into a magic land with a castle straight out of a fairie tale. This facility has home-made Polish Cooking to die for. All made with real butter, it tastes so good it’s hard not to gorge yourself! The romantic grounds are the most beautiful of anywhere and the best part is that they are reasonably priced. Try to get the Castle Room which is by far the most ambience. It is so beautiful, this wedding DJ picked it for her very own wedding! The food was so good and still is, that every time I work there that it is hard not to overeat! This is a personal experience, run by a family NOT a big corporation. The experience is unlike any other. I often recommend it to my clients because of the friendliness of the family running it, the ambience and the food – a triple delight!


South Chicago Area Wedding Reception Locations
A Newer facility, the most ambience for the area.

DiNolfo’s Banquets Homer Glen, Il  This is a newre facility and is filled with beauty.

Because this is a family run venue , you can trust that everything is personal and your event will be extremely wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lavishness of this place from the moment you drive up to the beautiful spaciousness of the rooms. It is well worth a look if you are in the south suburbs. There is even a small room upstairs laid out like a chapel for ceremonies. And DiNolfo’s still has the VERY BEST Roast Beef on their banquet menu of anywhere! Take it from a DJ who has been around!


The stonegate is a wonderful north suburb location for elegance and beauty.

Big and beautiful, with the ability for outdoor cocktails


The Stonegate, Hoffman Estates, Il The Stonegate is one of the most awesome, modern, elegant venues I have had the pleasure to work in. It has a beautiful outdoor terrace next to the foyer bar area, where the guests enjoyed cocktails and I was singing jazz. We were able to put the speaker outside so everyone could hear even though I was indoors singing. After cocktails we went into a grand ballroom and had one of the greatest meals I’ve ever enjoyed. I highly recommend this wonderful romantic spot if you’re in the north suburbs. Beaty in a modern setting with all the amenities for a perfect evening!





For more information contact Dalis Santiago of Funnsongs Productions

Dalis Santiago

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Some Wedding Humor

Having a hard day planning your wedding? Daydreaming about which bars or nightclubs you will be heading to this weekend? If so here are a few jokes to make your time a little more funn!

Marriage requires a man to prepare 4 types of “RINGS” :
- The Engagement Ring
- The Wedding Ring
- The Suffer-Ring
- The Endue-Ring

Son: Is it true? Dad, I heard that in ancient China, a man doesn’t know his wife until he marries. Father: That happens everywhere, son, EVERYWHERE!

Man is incomplete until he is married. Then he is really finished.

A little boy asked his father, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” And the father replied, “I don’t know, son, I’m still paying for it.”

Getting married is very much like going to the restaurant with friends. You order what you want, and when you see what the other fellow has, you wish you had ordered that.



The bride said she wanted three children, while the young husband said two would be enough for him.They discussed this discrepancy for a few minutes until the husband thought he’d put an end to things by saying boldly, “After our second child, I’ll just have a vasectomy.”Without a moments hesitation, the bride retorted, “Well, I hope you’ll love the third one just as if it’s your own.”

Husband to wife: Why do you keep reading our marriage licence?
Wife to Husband: I’m looking for a loophole!

Q: Why do brides wear white?
A: To blend in with everything else in the kitchen.

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